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What is R H B illustrate?

I started this small business about ten years ago, I just didn't know I did. It started by doodling little drawings for friends and family (and on occassion a teacher, for brownie points and the hope they overlooked my poor essay writing skills). And then people started to ask me to draw them things. And then they started to offer me money. 
I could never call myself a 'pet portrait' artist alone, nor could I be a 'wildlife artist', I chose the name ILLUSTRATE because I want to draw anything & everything.

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There is a face behind the art, for all things about me - from what I do (other than drawing) to my dogs, please follow the link, and learn why each piece of art I do means so much to me.


Sunday the 17th you'll find lots of artists, makers and fine food creators at Patchings, Calverton from 10:00am to 3pm - and I'll be there selling a few originals, prints and little goodies.

This is a great way to meet your local small businesses and also, most importantly, support them!

Hamza Yassin Be a Birder.jpg


Hamza Yassin has written a book! It's informative and it's charming, and it's illustrated by me! I was so excited to have been found and chosen to illustrate this book, as it was all about birds, written by a man who loves birds!

I have my copy - have you got yours?


Order Hamza's book 'BE A BIRDER' now on Amazon

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Pet Portraits

Working predominantly in pen, I create illustrative studies of pets, animals and more, depending on the commission. 

I work hard with my clients to make sure we get the best, from size, style, and likeness. 

I have always enjoyed drawing pets and wildlife, and more so working with pen to create texture and depth.

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Dawn Chorus, bird art, rhb-illustrate, illustration, wildlife, artist, nature, commission, illustration,

Wildlife Art

Not everyone has a pet they want commissioned on paper, so I also create wildlife portraits.

From lions to hedgehogs, get in touch to see if I can draw your favourite critter!

Art for Events

Do you want to personalise your event with original art? From invitations, save the dates, announcement cards and so on. I work hard with my customers to create the perfect images to tie in with their theme. We can create the perfect illustrations just for you and your event to make it extra special.

Dawn Chorus, bird art, rhb-illustrate, illustration, wildlife, artist, nature, commission, pet portrait, portrait, illustration,

Miniature but meaningful

There are often moments in our lives that stick with us, picture perfect in our minds, and I love being asked to recreate them for my customers. Whether it's based off of a picture or just an idea, I will do my very best recreate it.

Digital Cartoons

Looking for something quick and have a budget? These quick cartoons can be created quickly and printed on greetings cards, as a gift for family and friends or even if you want your own stock of cards to send your fluffy friend's face around the country.

Dawn Chorus, bird art, rhb-illustrate, illustration, wildlife, artist, nature, commission, illustration, greeting card, cartoon, dog cartoon,
Dawn Chorus, bird art, rhb-illustrate, illustration, wildlife, artist, nature, commission, illustration,

Poster Art

My current project  beyond the commissions is focusing on some of our favourite and local birds to the UK. These will look at colour and scale - often artists work from photographs and we sometimes don't completely comprehend the size of birds, this series I'm hoping to explore that more.


My Style

I work in fineliner, and watercolour on request, to create detailed illustrations. I have worked in fineliner for years, and is my go to medium. When you order an illustration or portrait from me you can be sure I know what I'm doing with a pen. I draw as I see it too, working from photos straight to paper - no tracing, no grids. I will never be a 'hyper-realist' artist, this is not an excuse for imperfections, but I am confident in my ability to create good likenesses and my customers chose me for my style.

Whilst I am happy to provide prints or cards made to order I prefer to work in originals only so you can enjoy the hand-drawn quality of the piece.

Each illustration includes a mount with the cost, and can be framed for an extra cost from my local framer (who is amazing)

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