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Pet Portraits 

Thinking of getting your beloved pet drawn up? Whether you have a horse, a rabbit, a snake or a dog, all pets are welcome!

Below are prices and examples of previous commissions to help you chose

Pet Portraits
Pet Portrait


I work closely with my customers to make sure their pooch (or other) is exactly how they want it to look. My illustrative style incorporates pen to create dramatic black and white drawings of your pet.

* Small portrait to fit A6 mount 

- £120

*Medium portrait to fit A5 mount   

- £140

*Large Portrait to fit A4 mount

- £160

* Extra Large Portrait to fit A3 mount

- £180

* Multiple Study Portrait to fit a A2 mount

- £240

.Custom sizes available

All my pictures come with a mount included in the price, but frames are sourced elsewhere for an extra cost.


A little note

I have recently made the transition to black and white only, this means that I do not offer watercolour washes any more to my pet portraits. This is not a matter of laziness, or lack of skill, but I chose to be true to myself and my style.

My pen portraits take a lot of time to create depth, texture and are wholly unique to me.


It starts by getting in touch! Talk to me about what you want, have a peruse of my prices and gallery.

You will need good quality photos - these must be unedited, with good lighting. We can work with pet head study, or recreate a favourite photo (full body)

Once your layout and photo is confirmed, you will  be asked to pay a deposit.

You will receive a preliminary sketch for confirmation, and continuous updates of your pet portrait as it progresses.

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