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Get to Know me

Those that already know me would probably say the most important things in my life are my dogs and my husband, in that order, and they wouldn't be wrong!

I've been lucky enough to grow up in the most beautiful parts of Nottinghamshire, travel to some awesome countries and take in some pretty impressive sights - the Himalayas, the Kruger National Park, the Avatar Floating Mountains of China, and the wilds of British Columbia.

Through all this excitement I've never forgotten to appreciate the little things - cups of coffee on the sofa with a pile of dogs, the chatter of sparrows in a hedge, and sitting at my desk with a new creature to draw.

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It goes to show how far you can come with a little bit of dedication, time and practice. A lot of the time an artist forgets to look at the big picture and celebrate their progress, whether they have refined a technique or medium, or they have found they are studying the subject more, it's hard to stop and look back and realise how far their art has come now.

@rhb-illustrate, wren, illustration, fine art, bird, art


I can't stress enough how important it is for new upcoming artists to recognise and embrace their unique style. If all art were the same, what a dull world it would be!
It can cause such a headache looking at other pet portrait or wildlife artists and feel the pressure to create work like theirs, or compare your work and think you're not as good. I do think Social Media has a lot to answer for, in terms of confidence! That little 'LIKE' button can make all the difference to whether you, the artist, thinks something is good or not. And that is a shame!
I know I do not create photo-realistic work, and I hope that my followers and customers recognise that this is not what I'm about! I wouldn't say I create cartoons, but there's something more illustrative about my style that I love to play with.

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I can honestly say that I learnt everything from my mother. Whilst I enjoyed my time at Foundation and then Norwich University of Art, and I did pick up a few skills (hello, Photoshop), I think mum should take responsibility for what a perfectionist I am. 

She is an artist, and brilliant one. She creates the most incredible watercolour portraits, and her attitude to work is inspiring. She cares so much about her customers and what she is creating for them.

One day, I hope to be as talented as she is, but I'm also a different type of artist, I have a different style, creating more illustrative portraits and studies.

(left, mum in the rabbit garden)


My Dogs

Little and Large, Pepper and Petunia keep me on my toes more often than not.

Petunia was a lucky find in my lonely stint in China as a teacher. She had, what I can only imagine, a rough start to life as a Meat Truck Rescue Dog, promptly moved in with me where we worked on basic manners and it was inevitable that she came home to England when I did. 

Pepper, on the other hand, is a big fat lab with all the greediness that comes with the breed. A failed Therapy Dog she came to us and has been Petunia's best friend ever since.

Unfortunately Petunia's good behaviour has yet to rub off on her little big sister.

Peewit is our little man, and a strange cocktail of Yorkie, poodle and lakeland. He is the sweetest man, happiest when chasing balls or squirrels, or curled up on our laps on the sofa.  

Rebecca Seddon, artist, nottinghamshire, pet portrait


When I was younger, all I wanted to do was either draw or read. I wasn't an outdoorsy kid unless I was made to go outside. I didn't appreciate it as a child.

Now, I love nothing better than to head out into the wild, whether it's for a little stroll along the river or a proper slog through the Yorkshire Dales. Having three dogs helps!

They need those walks, the fat little things.

Since I met my now husband I've also taken up cycling, but the slightly unfriendly car drivers I've met along the way have dampened my drive to get out there (thank the lord for Zwift)! 

I've done two Bike Tours. I don't know how I feel about them. In hindsight one was a tremendous achievement of 850 miles around the UK in two weeks with some long slogs up stupid hills. The other was a slog around Spain getting a sun tan and food poisoning. It was a lovely way to explore the Spanish countryside. However, it hurt. A lot. Was it a holiday? No. Would I do it again? I've married into it. I have no choice.

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