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Another one bites the dust

And another year draws to an end. Aren't they just flying by? I can't even remember 2020, or 2021.

The Pandemic blurred everything into one big mess. What I do remember from the last two years is that I chose a new career path - two, actually. I chose to leave my familiar job as a DM at a pub, having worked in hospitality for so many years this was a big step. I'd finally reached the 'top' , I had a steady income, I had savings, a routine, friends and stability. But I wasn't happy. For so long I was under the impression work did not equal happy, but I liked to be busy so I wasn't thinking too much about doing anything about it. But after dealing with one rude customer too many I thought, what the heck am I doing here? I handed in my notice. I had no back up.

It's a scary place, unemployed, living off your savings whilst you work things out. Constantly watching the numbers go down and nothing come in. It was Lockdown anyway, no one was working - but it drove me mad, not having somewhere to be, not having something to do. I'll tell you what though, it was the fittest I'd ever been!

At the start of 2021 I decided to hell with people, I want to work with animals. So I started studying to become a dog groomer, all the while drawing on the side to bring in a little income. It was a long road, it was a hectic and stressful road. With the help and support of my family (who had more faith than I did) we built a salon for me to work from. Slowly the customers came, and at the same time my Social Media went nuts. For the last year I've been realising I can actually work as a Pet Portrait and Wildlife Artist, and I'm also not a bad Dog Groomer. Sure, there have mistakes, hard life lessons, and a new found respect for people who own their own businesses.

I suppose I should thank the rude customers. They made me take a leap, and whilst it didn't immediately pay off, it's beginning to.

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