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Petunia's Parlour is a safe and cosy space for your dogs to pop round to for a little pamper. We have worked hard to make this a lovely little place, where dogs can relax and get a little bath, a pedi, a trim.
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the importance of dog grooming

Like with people, a regular grooming regime can keep your pooch looking dapper and tidy. Not only that, regular grooming keeps your dog's coat and skin healthy, preventing matting, and we can pick up on any issues your dog may have with their ears, teeth or nails.

It's encouraged that young dogs are introduced early to dog grooming, helping develop their socialisation skills. It also helps get them accustomed to the sounds of dryers and clippers for when they may need a groom later down the line.

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Range of services available from the Full Trim & Style, to a Wash & Go, to a simple Pedicure.

Prices start from as low as £15.00



Dog walks available, all done on a 1-1 basis. We stay local or we head off to the country for some off lead walks.

One hour Walks £13.00

Half hour Walks £7.50

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Unfortunately it's near impossible these days to start a daycare (shakes fist at the responsible parties) however I can offer home visits up to two hours, including a walk.

From £20.00

Our Team

You may notice that I'm a bit dog obsessed, washing, walking  and drawing dogs! I'm constantly surrounded by them - and my own dogs too! When you visit our Parlour or come for Walk with me, you may find I'm joined by one of my own dogs!

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All dogs need grooming, even short haired breeds benefit from a pamper. Grooming encourages a healthy coat, and can also reduce those pesky hairs floating around your house.

At the moment we have seen a boom in curly coated breeds, such as cockerpoos and labradoodles, these breeds need regular grooms to avoid matting and the build of tangles in nasty places like between their toes.

Owners with dogs like Schnauzers or Poodles are also fond of the 'Standard', the trim of a dog that makes the breed instantly recognisable - regular visits to the groomer help maintain these popular looks.

We also check for ticks and fleas. We look for waxy ears and plaque build up on the teeth. Nail trimming is also important, helping your dog's posture. On the odd, and unfortunate, occasion we also help with the a-n-a-l gland problems.


As we are based on a farm entrance, we ask that all customers respect the drive, and park sensibly so as not to block the access to the road for the tractors and machinery. We have parking, so please don't park on the road when you are dropping off your pooch.
Hoveringham is a quiet village, popular with horse riders and cyclists, please be careful arriving in the village and respect the speed limit. We also ask that engine's are not to be left running when you are dropping off or collecting.
Thank You.


The Parlour

Family Effort

Working Hard to make a Space!

It's the final push to make everything perfect for our Parlour, and I have been overwhelmed by the help I have received from my family, who rallied together this weekend to do all sorts of bits and bobs, from insulating and cladding, to painting to cleaning!

Pic: overseeing my big brother putting up the Robin's box! Here's hoping for a settler!

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